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Serving your community

You’ve built a reputation on personal relationships. You understand the lives and businesses in your community and always put your customers and members first.

The Pressures Facing You Today

Meeting the financial needs of your customers and your community has become more difficult. Whether it’s new technology, changing demographics, the latest piece of legislation or anti-competitive practices of legacy vendors, institutions like yours are feeling the burdens of a changing financial services landscape.

Your Current Debit Program

Before you renew your Visa® or MasterCard® program, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you know the total cost of participating in your current program?
  • Does a lack of transparency and/or an overly complex fee structure make it difficult to calculate?
  • Most importantly, do you feel they understand and care about your priorities and your cardholders?

We're Here for You

Discover® Debit is the first debit card brand created for community banks and credit unions just like yours, who want the freedom and choice to issue cards without the high costs or restrictions imposed by legacy brands.

Our simple and cost-effective approach empowers you to be more profitable. And our personalized care gives you confidence to deliver on your promise to your cardholders.

What's in it for Them?

All debit cards should offer financial control and convenience to cardholders. The Discover Debit card provides this and comes with proven benefits. Your cardholders will be able to make purchases at 9.6 million merchant locations in the U.S., access cash at millions of ATMs, pay bills and make purchases online.

It's Time for a True Partner

When you switch to Discover Debit, you’re starting a relationship that provides personal support for you every step of the way. Our service team includes an account manager, project manager and marketing expert all tasked with the singular goal of helping you grow your portfolio. All this help comes to you with no additional fees.

We also offer online tools to help analyze your debit portfolio, create customized, production-ready marketing materials, and manage chargebacks and disputes.

We share your sense of commitment to your customers and it shows in everything we do. Discover Debit is Here For You.

Discover Debit vs. Your Legacy Network

When you compare the benefits of Discover, Visa and MasterCard, you begin to see why it makes sense to switch. Lower costs. More personalized attention. More choices. Less constraints on you. More freedom to grow your brand.

Program Features






9.6 million locations2

9.8 million locations

9.8 million locations

Domestic and International ATM Access

Consumer Card

Business Card

HSA Cards


Rewards and Loyalty Program

Merchant Offers


Affiliated Network with PIN, PINless Transactions

Mobile Solutions

Chip Cards

Quick Chip


3D Secure


Online Fraud Mitigation System

Custom Fraud Alerts and Blocking


Online Marketing Resources

Online Portfolio Analytics

Engaged Team

Dedicated Account Manager



Implementation Project Manager



Expert Marketing Consultant



Simple Rules




Your Brand Front and Center





Single Program Fee (All-In Program Fee)




1The Nilson Report, February 2016

2 U.S. point-of-sale locations

Discover Debit vs. Your Legacy Network

Discover is accepted at 9.6 million merchant locations, 98% of locations that currently accept competing card brands.

Thanks to our strong relationships with merchant acquirers, we stand ready for your cardholders’ transactions as new merchants come online and open their doors for business.

You, your cardholders and merchants have a choice. Legacy cards are no longer the only option.

1 The Nilson Report, February 2016

We Care About Your Cardholders as Much as You Do

We listen to what consumers want. Our benefits were chosen based on results of recent research with a wide range of individuals, including people who bank with community and regional institutions just like yours. Two of our in-market benefits: Lowest Purchase Price Guarantee and Identity Theft Defense continue to be among the top benefits sought by cardholders, according to our latest proprietary research.

Cardholder Benefits

Discover Debit provides valuable benefits to consumer and business programs at no cost to you. Every program also provides marketing materials and support to help you communicate these benefits to your cardholders.

Reimburses the cost difference between the original purchase price of a covered item purchased in full with an eligible debit card and them subsequent lower price when eligible purchases are found at a store for less. Coverage applies when the identical item is found at a lower price, at any store, within 60 days of the original purchase price.

I Consumer

Zero Liability

Protects cardholder against unauthorized use of their debit card provided that the card has been handled responsibly, more than two unauthorized events have not been reported in the last 12 months, and the cardholder has not benefited from its unauthorized use.

Card and Document Registration Services

Enables the cardholder to protect their debit cards in the event they are lost or stolen. There is no limit on the number of cards that can be registered. A cardholder must register at least one card to activate these benefits:

  • Travel assurance services
  • Lost/stolen reporting
  • Document registration
  • Personal property registration
  • Address Change

Identity Theft Defense1

Enables access to specialists and services to assist victims of identify theft.

Lowest Purchase Price Guarantee

I Business

Business owners get all consumer benefits, plus:

Attorney On Call

Provides unlimited telephone access to generic legal information and local attorney referral upon request. The cardholder shall receive educational information on a variety of topics such as family law, landlord-tenant, real estate, business law, commercial litigation and immigration. Access legal information via toll-free number.

Human Resource Consultant

Provides unlimited telephone access to human resource professionals who can provide the small business professional with information and resources on a variety of issues including retention and performance, policies and procedures, employee recruitment and regulations.

1 This benefit covers reimbursement for losses incurred as a result of identity fraud, including reasonable and necessary attorney fees or court costs associated with removing any civil suit wrongfully brought as a result of identity fraud.

A Next Generation Rewards Program

Buzz Points is a loyalty program that brings your financial institution, cardholders and local businesses together. Cardholders earn points for any debit transactions and redeem the points for rewards at their favorite merchants.

  • Those enrolled in Buzz Points make 33 transactions per month, 65% more than the national average.
  • The interchange increase per month, per enrolled cardholder, is between $3 and $6.

Your Future is Secure

DDX provides turnkey, end-to-end services that enable mobile payments.

Mobile Services

Offer a communication channel between mobile devices, plus personalize and transfer card credentials from your institution to digital wallet providers.

Token Services

Support token to primary account number mapping during transactions and manage the suspension, replacement or deletion of tokens due to card expiration, device loss or fraud.

Mobile Payments and Tokenization

We make participating in digital wallet platforms such as Apple Pay through Discover® Digital Exchange (DDX) possible.

Transaction Services

Validate cryptograms for every transaction, as well as generate and
deliver real-time transaction and account notifications.

Support Services

Enable activities such as onboarding, token lifecycle management and
out-of-band authentication, while also supporting aggregated reports and helping you and your colleagues monitor transaction activity over time.

The Rapid Rise of Mobile Payments

Mobile now accounts for
29% of all online
transactions globally.1

28% of smartphone users
made a mobile payment in
the previous 12 months.2

U.S. mobile in-store payment
volume is estimated to be
$818 billion by 2019.3

1 The Forbes “How Smartphones Will Become The Global Mobile Wallet.” Forbes Magazine 15 July 2015

2 Federal Reserve Board, “Consumers and Mobile Financial Services 2016”, conducted by DCCA March 2016

3 BI Intelligence, “The Mobile Payments Report: Apple Pay’s Ramp-Up, New In-Store Payments Forecast, And The Mobile Wallet Wars,” January 2015

Mobile Payments Made Simple

DDX offers a comprehensive collection of services that open the door to mobile transactions.

Discover Chip Capabilities

Chip cards are the standard for secure point-of-sale (POS) transactions. Unlike magnetic stripe cards, chip cards are very difficult to counterfeit because of an embedded microchip that exchanges unique, dynamic data with a terminal each time it’s used. We continue to deploy our chip solution Discover® D-Payment Application Specification (D-PAS) in the U.S. and around the world.

We are committed to greater security and increased fraud protection for you while providing simple, fast-to-market support.

DebitProtect® Fraud Mitigation Services

To be effective, today’s fraud mitigation tools must be able to analyze apparently unrelated fraud events from multiple locations and use the data to detect and mitigate fraud in real time. All Discover Debit issuers benefit from access to DebitProtect’s standard service.

To help you meet the challenge of today’s debit card fraud, DebitProtect delivers a comprehensive, responsive and flexible solution. We offer mitigation tools and optional services for targeted custom rule development and new real-time authorization blocking. The result A multi-layered approach that delivers:

  • Power and speed to detect fraudulent patterns other systems might miss
  • Customizable mitigation systems that allow issuers to minimize loss
  • Targeted fraud blocking that minimizes impact to cardholders

Standard Service

DebitProtect utilizes unique transaction data and analytics to deliver fraud alerts faster and more accurately than ever before. This service is provided to all issuers.

Upgraded to today’s best practices in network-level fraud mitigation, DebitProtect can work as a stand-alone service or augment fraud mitigation services provided by third-party processors.

I Fraud Detection

DebitProtect tracks fraud in real time, enabling rapid response and minimal impact to your cardholders. Our experienced fraud analysts employ finely tuned analytics and systems to sweep the breadth of registered financial institutions’ network transactions daily to detect emerging fraud trends and develop counteractive strategies. Using neural scoring and detection rules comprising multiple parameters, the fraud detection service can connect the dots that other systems might miss.

I Fraud Alerts

The DebitProtect alert system tracks specific trends and events, and alerts you to suspicious activity. Using preset network rules, DebitProtect notifies your institution of potentially fraudulent transactions – sometimes before the cardholder has left the terminal. This accelerated response time is a distinct advantage in battling today’s aggressive debit card fraud.

Optional Services

I Custom Fraud Alert Rules

Issuers and issuer processors can implement and manage their own targeted fraud alerts in response to changing fraud events and patterns. In addition to the neural score, multiple rule parameters are available, allowing you to monitor and detect a broad spectrum of suspicious transactions.

I Auto-Blocking

Auto-blocking is available to deny all transactions for the compromised card once a rule is triggered. Using the DebitProtect interface, you control cardholder exclusions ensuring flagged cards are not impacted. You may block and unblock cards.

I Authorization Blocking

Authorization blocking includes real-time alerting, blocking and card auto-blocking, as well as access to expert fraud consultation, rules pretesting and data analytics.

Debit DashboardSM

The Debit Dashboard brings your transaction data to life so you can better manage your debit portfolio. It’s easy to access and available whenever you want it. You can analyze metrics and identify trends.

Your Single-Source Marketing Solution

A dedicated Discover Debit marketing consultant will work with your team to assess your marketing needs and create a customized program that promotes the benefits of your conversion to your employees, cardholders and community. We offer a combination of marketing resources to help you design a debit card to promote your brand, educate your employees for a seamless conversion and drive cardholder acquisition and usage.

Your marketing support also comes with a comprehensive, web-based platform, The Marketing Hub. The Hub is designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind to provide you pre-designed, production-ready marketing materials to help reach your portfolio goals. Your team will receive an in-person tutorial on The Hub, as well as unlimited access to the tool and all its features.

The Marketing Hub

Leveraging the marketing expertise of Discover, the Marketing Hub takes the guesswork out of promoting your card reissuance. Applying our best practices can save you time and money, paving the way to improved profitability and a stronger brand. We have developed multiple campaigns that integrate with marketing strategy and drive brand loyalty among your cardholders. Some options include:

Card Reissuance Introducing the New Card Focus on core card benefits of
the new Discover Debit program
Card Reissuance Introducing the New Card Focus on core card benefits of
the new Discover Debit program
Card Reissuance Introducing the New Card Focus on core card benefits of
the new Discover Debit program

You Click, You Create, You Order

For all its power, the Discover Debit Marketing Hub is simple to use. Everything is created, accessed and managed right from your web browser. Just log on and click through the user-friendly process to:

I Design Your Card

  • A wide array of debit card design templates
  • Consumer, business and HSA card designs
  • Embossed or instant issue
  • Digital or print production (even use your own vendor)

I Educate Your Employees

  • Frequently asked questions, emails, posters, wallet cards
  • Presentation for internal training employee pilot

I Drive Higher Card Usage and Brand Awareness

  • Targeted pre-launch, launch and post-launch materials including frequently asked questions, lobby posters, buckslips, web pages and advertisements
  • Segmented messaging for consumer and business accounts
  • Campaigns to integrate your brand and messaging strategy

The Marketing Hub allows you to develop a marketing package that is designed by you, tailored for you and features your brand.

Here For You.

We have a team of dedicated specialists to provide you, your employees and your cardholders with end-to-end support. With Discover Debit, personal support is always nearby.

Working with Discover has proven to be an exceptional client experience. The team has consistently been there for us every step of the way. They are committed to helping us grow our portfolio and, most importantly, enhancing our cardholder experience.
Misti Mostiller, EVP, Director, Consumer Strategy and Innovation, Extraco Banks

Conversion Support

We understand that launching your new Discover Debit card program as efficiently as possible is critical to your institution’s continued success. Our client project management team will guide you through implementation, certification and cardholder launch. Marketing support for your conversion to Discover Debit runs simultaneously to implementation and is also managed by the client support project management team.

Continuous Support

A strong partnership is essential to a successful program. That is why we focus on listening and being responsive to your needs. All our issuers work with a dedicated account manager who has total responsibility for maintaining the highest level of client satisfaction. Our account managers pride themselves on being available to clients and understand the value of being highly responsive to your needs.

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